Thursday, 18 February 2016

Time for a Change!

Blogging and providing style inspo over the last 7 months has been a LOT of fun!   And I have learned tons about the “Style blog” world.  But I've taken a little break lately to concentrate on other things.  
I’ve had some exciting new things happening personally, but I also wanted to change direction with Styleiish and really take it to where I want it to go.  As I work on a new website, and work towards my new goals, I’ll be taking a break from blogging.  I will definitely miss it, but I’m excited for what lies ahead.

Thank you SO much for reading and checking in with Styleiish, and stay tuned for what’s coming!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Adding Some Edge!!

This Joe Fresh dress was under $15!!

I love this dress from Joe Fresh, with its ruching at the waist and long sleeves, it is simplicity at its best!  It's great worn alone (although probably not a good idea if you're headed out for a big meal!  Ha!). 
But it's also a great piece for layering.  Keep it casual by throwing on a long cardigan or vest, or even a denim jacket.  Or add some edge like I did with a little faux leather, and ankle boots.  Nothing like a little faux leather (or real leather obviously!) too add some edginess to an outfit. 
I gotta be honest, this dress is quite fitted, and to me, that narrows it's wear-ability to nights out (which don't happen all that often!).  But by layering it in various ways, the wear-ability definitely increases.