Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Ornament from Indigo

Wow, 2016 is here!  It was so nice to end 2015 with some serious quality time with friends and family.  2015 was a great year with many amazing memories made, and I look forward to making even more spectacular ones in 2016.
The beginning of a new year is always a good time to look ahead and set some goals.  Not resolutions per se, but just having some thoughts about what you want to, where you want to go, and how you're gonna get there.  Whether its something as simple as "trying to be more patient" or something more ambitious like "learning a new language"; setting goals and planning how to achieve them is crucial on the road to success!
I'm in the process of setting some goals myself!  Among them, is my goals for Styleiish.  I have many thoughts and ideas of where I want to go with this, and as I filter through and make decisions, I plan to enjoy the process and continue to have fun.
Take some time to set a few goals for yourself this year.  And don't let the fear of failure hold you back; remember, you miss every shot you don't take ( I think Wayne Gretzky said that, and I just love it!!   
Happy New Year to you all, and be sure to sparkle a little in 2016!!

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