Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Another Exciting Collab!!

'Who What Wear' x Target Collection
I LOVE this vest!!!!!  And the skirts!!  And the moto jacket... I want it all!!
I wrote a post a while back about collaborations between retailers and designers, and how amazing they can be.  There’s an exciting new one I wanted to tell you all about.  It’s coming January 31st, and it’s between Target and Who What Wear (an awesome style blog).

Usually with collaborations, the price point can vary, but the idea is to keep the prices affordable.  What’s so exciting about this collab is that everything is under $50!!  And by looking at this pic, I can tell there’s going to be some really great pieces!

Another cool thing is that this collab isn’t just a one time thing.  It’ll be ongoing with new pieces being introduced monthly!  I know I’ll be checking out this new collection, hope you do too!

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