Monday, 7 December 2015

Trends-- Love em or Leave em?

These"girlfriend" jeans from The Gap have the perfect amount of rips for me!

Trends are always changing, some are super short lived, while others stick around in some way or another for many seasons, and then they reincarnate themselves and come back after some years have passed.  They can define a season, or a particular time in your life, and they can also encourage you to try things you normally wouldn't.  I've definitely done that this fall, taken chances and tried new things.  Like pairing stripes with plaid!  I would've never thought to do this, but now I love the look!
And distressed/ripped jeans are another trend I'm liking.  Now ripped jeans are nothing new; they've obviously been around forever.  But every so often they make a "comeback" and are everywhere.  And I kinda like them; there's something about the subtle rips that add a little "bad-ass" quality to the jeans which is right up my alley!
Having said that, I am not into the overly ripped jeans that have been popular this season.  I mean these new styles are not even "ripped" or "distressed"... they are full on "torn"!  And I am so not digging them. 
Another trend this season that totally has me on the fence is OTK (over the knee) boots!  When I see pictures of girls wearing them, I love the way they look, but in real life, I just can't see them working for me.  I think I'm just gonna have to admire this one from afar!
What trends are you digging this season?  And which ones are you so over?  I'd love to hear!

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