Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Quality vs Cost

Love this dress from Old Navy!  It cost me under $20, but looks and feels great!  It proves my point that affordable CAN be high quality!

Keeping the cost down when I'm shopping is super important to me.  I actually kinda pride myself on being able to find great deals (see previous posts for my secrets!).  There are some people who will say that when you're buying cheaper garments, you're sacrificing quality, but I disagree.
I have made purchases from pricier retailers (who shall remain nameless), and if what these people say is true and higher price points equal higher quality, then these garments I purchased should be of better quality than the ones I've purchased at less pricey places, right? Wrong.
The leggings I've bought got holes in them (whereas my Forever 21 leggings are still going strong).
And sweaters I've bought either got holes in them or got super linty (is that a word?).
If you're spending big bucks on clothing, you want them to last wear after wear, not fall apart after one wash!
Now that's not to say that clothes from more affordable stores don't have their downsides too, because of course they do.  (Like the black, fitted, midi dress I bought for $12 and ended up leaving a blackish purple ink ALL OVER MY BODY!!) 
The bottom line is that clothes from both higher and lower end retailers can fall apart/get holes/shed ink, so don't make the assumption that paying more will get you better quality-- it's just not true.  Affordable fashion can be high quality and last for years... and because it's cheaper, you can buy more!!!

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