Monday, 23 November 2015

Look Good For Less!!

Swing dress under $20 from H&M!

It's hard sometimes to know what you want to wear, what looks good on you, and how to find it without spending a fortune.
I love to shop, so it's super important to me that I'm not spending big bucks when I don't have to.  So I stick to shopping at the retailers where I know I can get great clothes for a great price.
Like this amazing dress that I wish I could wear everyday!  It's a basic dress from H&M, under $20, and so so so easy to wear.  When a dress like this exists, there are no excuses ladies!  Dress it up like I did, with tights and heels (I should have added a necklace, totally forgot!).  Or keep it casual, with leggings.  Or add a skinny belt and wear over skinny jeans!  Or, if you're brave, wear it alone with OTK boots!  (I'm so obsessed with the way OTK boots look but I'm not brave enough to try them!)
Anyways, getting back on track... it really is easy to look good great for less.  When you're shopping, look for basic items that have versatility, and then have fun with how you style it (shoes, jewelry, scarves, jackets).