Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to Get the Best Deals! (part 2)

This was only $12 from Walmart!!

Who doesn't love getting a good deal, right?  I'm hoping some of the tips I'm sharing with you all will help you find some great ones!
In my previous post, I talked about email lists and social media, both really important for staying in-the-know about sales and promos.  So if you haven't already, get on it!
Today's post focuses on another way I find some amazing bargains.  It's a really simple concept: don't discriminate when it comes to where you shop (or in general, it's just not cool!).  We've all done it, walked past a store, and thought, "oh they won't have anything"... but when you do that, you're limiting your options, and possibly missing out on some great deals!
This blue dress, for instance, was from Walmart!!  I know, hard to believe, but it's true.  I totally get that Walmart has a certain reputation, and it's not for everyone, but hey a deal is a deal!

Again, only $25 from Walmart!!

I'll shop almost anywhere (almost anywhere, even I draw the line at certain places).  You just really don't know what you'll find in the most unexpected of places.  So go ahead, choose your few "absolutely no way I'm going there" stores, and give the rest a try!  Try department stores if you usually don't (hit them at the right times, and you can get crazy prices!); or try the stores that you think are only for teenagers or older people, you may just find something fabulous!

And check back next week, when I talk about quality vs good prices :)

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