Monday, 16 November 2015

How to Get the Best Deals!! (Part 1)

Yup, I have so much to say, it needs two parts!  I'd say I'm a pretty darn good shopper and I can score some pretty major deals.  So I figured I'd make this blog post all about what I do to get the best deals!
The first (and easiest) thing to do is to get on the email lists of the stores you shop at.  You know when the cashier asks you for your email?  It's not because she wants to be friends with you (LOL!), it's because she wants to put it into the system.  The same thing happens when you go to a store's website, usually a little box pops up asking for your email.  Once they have your email, retailers will email you when there's a sale or special promotion going on, and this can be so helpful.  I get that you may not want to clutter your inbox with emails, but I personally think that it's worth it in this case.    Having the email notifications are a great way to ensure that you're not missing any big sales. 
For instance, I'm on the email list for Gap Factory (among many others, lol), and a couple weeks ago, I received an email saying they were going to have their Friends & Family discount.  And the Gap Factory discounts are great because the merchandise is usually already somewhat discounted (20-60%) and then you get an extra 40% off of that!!  And that includes clearance items! You can score yourself some really good deals, and I definitely have!
Another great way to stay up to date on sales and promos is through social media.  Many retail stores will post through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook when they're having a sale, and it can be so worth it.  I saw on Twitter that Forever 21 was having a F&F event this past weekend (maybe only in Canada?), and they were offering an extra 20% off!!  So be sure to follow your fave stores to ensure you're staying in the loop!!
Ok that's it for today's post, be sure to check back on Wednesday to see what else I do to get the best deals!!

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