Friday, 13 November 2015

Faux Pas Friday!!

Faux-pas Fridays is a new weekly post I'm starting in which every week I'll talk about a different fashion "faux pas" or "pet peeve" that just kinda bugs me. 
Now I'm the first to admit to making many fashion mistakes myself, so just keep in mind, this is all in good fun and is meant to be humorous :)

Today's FF post is about... white socks.  I have a thing about white socks.  Why do they even make them?  I mean, I guess they're ok with workout gear, but that is really the ONLY time that they're ever ok.  They just don't look good, and they never wash properly and actually stay "white"... they're just so unnecessary!
As much as I dislike white socks in general, I despise them with dressy clothes.  Please do NOT wear white socks with anything you consider even remotely dressy... even jeans!! Believe me, it just really takes away from any outfit, the glaring white peaking out.  Try black socks, they don't take away from the outfit, and they just "blend in".  Your outfit should stand out and not be eclipsed by the shiny white things on your feet!!!
Who's with me on this one?

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