Friday, 6 November 2015

Faux Pas Friday!!

Faux-pas Fridays is a new weekly post I'm starting in which every week I'll talk about a different fashion "faux pas" or "pet peeve" that just kinda bugs me. 
Now I'm the first to admit to making many fashion mistakes myself, so just keep in mind, this is all in good fun and is meant to be humorous :)

Today's FF post is about when clothes don't fit.  Either too tight or too loose, it's just never a good look on anyone.  And this has nothing to do with body size or shape... its actually about knowing your body/size, owning it, and dressing in a way that flatters your shape, and makes you feel good.
If you're super thin or petite, dress for it!  Lots of retailers make clothes in petite sizes; and if not, stick to things that don't overwhelm your frame.
If you're on the opposite end, again be true to your size.  There's nothing worse than someone squeezing themselves into clothes that are 2 sizes too small! 
If you wear the right size, I guarantee you will look and feel a million times better!  So stick to clothes that actually fit, and let's say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes!!

PS:  Keep checking back for an upcoming post on dressing for you size!

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