Monday, 30 November 2015

Joe Fresh Love!!

If you follow me on Instagram, or are a regular reader of Styleiish, then you know how much I love Joe Fresh.  There's something about their clean lines, and simple yet-on-trend clothing that really appeals to me.  And of course their prices are very affordable, so it's a total win-win.
This sweater is just one of the many Joe Fresh pieces in my closet, and I love it.  Its comfy and warm, but it's length and the cropped and ever-so-slightly flared sleeves give it a current look. 
And that's what I love about the Joe Fresh line... it's the little details they put into their clothes, and they price them right!
Oh, and they're having an extra 30% off online plus free shipping today, so go check it out!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Quality vs Cost

Love this dress from Old Navy!  It cost me under $20, but looks and feels great!  It proves my point that affordable CAN be high quality!

Keeping the cost down when I'm shopping is super important to me.  I actually kinda pride myself on being able to find great deals (see previous posts for my secrets!).  There are some people who will say that when you're buying cheaper garments, you're sacrificing quality, but I disagree.
I have made purchases from pricier retailers (who shall remain nameless), and if what these people say is true and higher price points equal higher quality, then these garments I purchased should be of better quality than the ones I've purchased at less pricey places, right? Wrong.
The leggings I've bought got holes in them (whereas my Forever 21 leggings are still going strong).
And sweaters I've bought either got holes in them or got super linty (is that a word?).
If you're spending big bucks on clothing, you want them to last wear after wear, not fall apart after one wash!
Now that's not to say that clothes from more affordable stores don't have their downsides too, because of course they do.  (Like the black, fitted, midi dress I bought for $12 and ended up leaving a blackish purple ink ALL OVER MY BODY!!) 
The bottom line is that clothes from both higher and lower end retailers can fall apart/get holes/shed ink, so don't make the assumption that paying more will get you better quality-- it's just not true.  Affordable fashion can be high quality and last for years... and because it's cheaper, you can buy more!!!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Look Good For Less!!

Swing dress under $20 from H&M!

It's hard sometimes to know what you want to wear, what looks good on you, and how to find it without spending a fortune.
I love to shop, so it's super important to me that I'm not spending big bucks when I don't have to.  So I stick to shopping at the retailers where I know I can get great clothes for a great price.
Like this amazing dress that I wish I could wear everyday!  It's a basic dress from H&M, under $20, and so so so easy to wear.  When a dress like this exists, there are no excuses ladies!  Dress it up like I did, with tights and heels (I should have added a necklace, totally forgot!).  Or keep it casual, with leggings.  Or add a skinny belt and wear over skinny jeans!  Or, if you're brave, wear it alone with OTK boots!  (I'm so obsessed with the way OTK boots look but I'm not brave enough to try them!)
Anyways, getting back on track... it really is easy to look good great for less.  When you're shopping, look for basic items that have versatility, and then have fun with how you style it (shoes, jewelry, scarves, jackets).

Friday, 20 November 2015

"Finally Found It" Friday!!

Only $19.99 from Target!!

I'm skipping today's "Faux-Pas Friday" post with a "Finally Found It Friday" post instead.  I've been wanting this long sweater vest from the Adam Lippes for Target collab ever since it came out in September.
By the time I got online or into a Target store (sadly Canada doesn't have Target anymore-- don't even get me started on how sad I am about that!), it was sold out in my size.
I continued to check periodically online (no luck), buuuuut when I was in Target last week, I FINALLY FOUND IT!  In the clearance section!  For only 19.99!!
And isn't it sooooo beautiful?!  I love everything about it, the length, the colours, it's warm, and it has pockets!!  Hahaha, can you tell I'm excited :)
And it's so versatile, dressed up or down, with jeans or leggings, it's a great piece to have in the closet!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to Get the Best Deals! (part 2)

This was only $12 from Walmart!!

Who doesn't love getting a good deal, right?  I'm hoping some of the tips I'm sharing with you all will help you find some great ones!
In my previous post, I talked about email lists and social media, both really important for staying in-the-know about sales and promos.  So if you haven't already, get on it!
Today's post focuses on another way I find some amazing bargains.  It's a really simple concept: don't discriminate when it comes to where you shop (or in general, it's just not cool!).  We've all done it, walked past a store, and thought, "oh they won't have anything"... but when you do that, you're limiting your options, and possibly missing out on some great deals!
This blue dress, for instance, was from Walmart!!  I know, hard to believe, but it's true.  I totally get that Walmart has a certain reputation, and it's not for everyone, but hey a deal is a deal!

Again, only $25 from Walmart!!

I'll shop almost anywhere (almost anywhere, even I draw the line at certain places).  You just really don't know what you'll find in the most unexpected of places.  So go ahead, choose your few "absolutely no way I'm going there" stores, and give the rest a try!  Try department stores if you usually don't (hit them at the right times, and you can get crazy prices!); or try the stores that you think are only for teenagers or older people, you may just find something fabulous!

And check back next week, when I talk about quality vs good prices :)

Monday, 16 November 2015

How to Get the Best Deals!! (Part 1)

Yup, I have so much to say, it needs two parts!  I'd say I'm a pretty darn good shopper and I can score some pretty major deals.  So I figured I'd make this blog post all about what I do to get the best deals!
The first (and easiest) thing to do is to get on the email lists of the stores you shop at.  You know when the cashier asks you for your email?  It's not because she wants to be friends with you (LOL!), it's because she wants to put it into the system.  The same thing happens when you go to a store's website, usually a little box pops up asking for your email.  Once they have your email, retailers will email you when there's a sale or special promotion going on, and this can be so helpful.  I get that you may not want to clutter your inbox with emails, but I personally think that it's worth it in this case.    Having the email notifications are a great way to ensure that you're not missing any big sales. 
For instance, I'm on the email list for Gap Factory (among many others, lol), and a couple weeks ago, I received an email saying they were going to have their Friends & Family discount.  And the Gap Factory discounts are great because the merchandise is usually already somewhat discounted (20-60%) and then you get an extra 40% off of that!!  And that includes clearance items! You can score yourself some really good deals, and I definitely have!
Another great way to stay up to date on sales and promos is through social media.  Many retail stores will post through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook when they're having a sale, and it can be so worth it.  I saw on Twitter that Forever 21 was having a F&F event this past weekend (maybe only in Canada?), and they were offering an extra 20% off!!  So be sure to follow your fave stores to ensure you're staying in the loop!!
Ok that's it for today's post, be sure to check back on Wednesday to see what else I do to get the best deals!!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Faux Pas Friday!!

Faux-pas Fridays is a new weekly post I'm starting in which every week I'll talk about a different fashion "faux pas" or "pet peeve" that just kinda bugs me. 
Now I'm the first to admit to making many fashion mistakes myself, so just keep in mind, this is all in good fun and is meant to be humorous :)

Today's FF post is about... white socks.  I have a thing about white socks.  Why do they even make them?  I mean, I guess they're ok with workout gear, but that is really the ONLY time that they're ever ok.  They just don't look good, and they never wash properly and actually stay "white"... they're just so unnecessary!
As much as I dislike white socks in general, I despise them with dressy clothes.  Please do NOT wear white socks with anything you consider even remotely dressy... even jeans!! Believe me, it just really takes away from any outfit, the glaring white peaking out.  Try black socks, they don't take away from the outfit, and they just "blend in".  Your outfit should stand out and not be eclipsed by the shiny white things on your feet!!!
Who's with me on this one?

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Uniform Dressing!

And by this, I don't mean wearing a uniform to work or school.  Although I do sometimes think it would be easier to wear a uniform and not have to worry about "what to wear", but then I think, who am I kidding, I would totally miss putting outfits together!!
Anyways getting back on track here, what I mean by uniform dressing is creating your own personal style uniform.  Still confused?  Its a concept that's been around for ages - always wearing a variation of the same outfit.  Some of you may do it without even realizing it!
The reasons for uniform dressing can be many.  Some prefer the simplicity of it.  Knowing you're gonna wear jeans and a white shirt every day would certainly eliminate the stress of choosing an outfit every day.
Others prefer to dress this way for the impression it gives.  Think of it as personal branding.  What you choose to wear, day in, day out, definitely says something about you.  It could be that you're just too lazy to choose outfits (HA!); Or too busy; Or you could be saying that you're loyal, committed, or consistent.
Whatever the reasons, there's something to be said about it.  I mean Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck and jeans every day, and he was a genius!
Taking a look at myself, I don't consciously choose to dress uniformly, however I do see a pattern in my choices.  I like to experiment and try different things, but I do stick to what I like, and what looks good on me, so I guess that's my uniform!
Do you find yourself dressing in a "uniform"?  Leave a comment and let me know :)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Casual Done Right!

This sweater is from H&M last year, but they have very similar ones this year!

I've had some requests for more posts on casual dressing, and I'm more than happy to oblige.  Although I "dress up" for work, I'm a much more casual dresser on my off days, so let's talk about how to do it right!
By definition, casual means "clothes or shoes suitable for everyday wear rather than formal occasions."  It's important to remember that casual does not mean sloppy.  I think people get this confused all too often.  Casual means comfortable and functional, not messy, ill-fitting or dirty!  My outfit above is a classic example; its super comfy, easy to move in, and yet it looks good enough to be seen in public!
Layering leggings with longer flowy tops, is a great casual look.  Another option for effortless casual dressing is jeans!  Pair just about anything with jeans, and you're good.  And by "anything" I mean, anything that's clean, not wrinkled, fits well, and doesn't have rips or stains (not too much to ask for!).  Button-down tops with sleeves rolled up; sweaters; long cardigans layered over t-shirts... all great options with jeans.

Another thing to remember with casual dressing is that little details will go a long way.  For instance, my necklace and the faux-leather sleeves on my sweater add the right amount of edge to an otherwise basic look.  Make your casual outfits stand out by adding fun accessories (scarves, jewelry, hats, shoes) or choosing items with unexpected details (added fringe, faux leather accents, unusual prints or materials).
And of course, a casual dressing post would not be complete without talking about the much loved yoga pant!  There's no doubt, we all love our yoga pants, and of course there are times when you're gonna wear them out... just be pair them with a cute top and shoes, and even yoga pants can be a good choice!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Faux Pas Friday!!

Faux-pas Fridays is a new weekly post I'm starting in which every week I'll talk about a different fashion "faux pas" or "pet peeve" that just kinda bugs me. 
Now I'm the first to admit to making many fashion mistakes myself, so just keep in mind, this is all in good fun and is meant to be humorous :)

Today's FF post is about when clothes don't fit.  Either too tight or too loose, it's just never a good look on anyone.  And this has nothing to do with body size or shape... its actually about knowing your body/size, owning it, and dressing in a way that flatters your shape, and makes you feel good.
If you're super thin or petite, dress for it!  Lots of retailers make clothes in petite sizes; and if not, stick to things that don't overwhelm your frame.
If you're on the opposite end, again be true to your size.  There's nothing worse than someone squeezing themselves into clothes that are 2 sizes too small! 
If you wear the right size, I guarantee you will look and feel a million times better!  So stick to clothes that actually fit, and let's say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes!!

PS:  Keep checking back for an upcoming post on dressing for you size!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tunics = Effortless!!

Tunics are a great item to have in your closet.  Just like dresses, they're almost a complete outfit in one shot (just gotta add bottoms!).  Tunics are super versatile: you can dress them up or down, pair them with leggings or skinnies, or wear them flowy or fitted.
Although tunics have been around forever, the latest trend seems to be towards longer hemlines.  Just like this wine-coloured plaid one I'm wearing;  Its from Joe Fresh ($34), and I'm loving the longer look.  I added the belt to create some shape, but even without it, it looks super cute.  You could do it with black skinny jeans and boots for a casual look, or dress it up with leather (or pleather) leggings and heels. 
Dynamite Clothing (a Canadian company) has a super cute long, sheer maxi tunic with slits, that could also be worn dressed up or down.  Find it at  Forever 21 also has some great tunics under $30, check them out at
(I would've added pics, but I'm having technical difficulties, sorry!)
If you're hesitant to try tunics, I hear ya, I was too.  But give them a try, they're so easy and flattering, you can't go wrong!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Mad About Plaid!!

Among the many trends this fall, plaid is BIG BIG BIG!!  And its super easy to jump on the plaid bandwagon, no matter what your style.  One of the easiest ways is how I've done it here:

This classic red plaid shirt is from Joe Fresh (last year, $29)

A plaid button up with skinnies and ankle boots is a basic, easy outfit for anyone who may be apprehensive about trying it out.  And you don't have to do a red plaid; There are so many colour options, just choose one in a colour that you feel comfortable in and get it on the trend. 

You could even alter this look a little by tying the shirt at your waist

Another option to get in on the plaid trend is with accessories.  Shoes, scarves, purses, coats... you name it, I bet you can find it!  I love the idea of a solid colour dress paired with plaid shoes.  Or for those into mixing up prints, combining plaid and stripes is SO on trend;  Try a black & white striped top over leggings, and top it off with a plaid scarf for a very current look.
For the fashionably brave, there are plaid dresses, skirts and pants to choose from.  You can find what you're looking for in almost any store, and at almost any price point.  H&M, Target (I love everything in the Adam Lippes collab!), and Old Navy are just a few, who currently have great plaid options. 
Obsessed with this poncho from Old Navy
Whatever your style or comfort level, plaid is totally do-able.  Hope you give it a try!!