Monday, 19 October 2015

The New Wave of Combinations!

I've been noticing some pretty awesome colour and pattern combinations lately and I had to share!  As I've said before, style rules are becoming non-existent these days, so where you may not have worn navy blue with black or different types of stripes together in the past, nowadays its considered fashion forward to do so.
I'm trying out blush and wine together today.  Not a traditional pairing, but so obviously perfect when you see it together.  And I added the snake print top to add some fun!  I haven't always been a fan of the burgundy shades, so these shoes from Forever 21 are a fun way to start incorporating it.  And this blush blazer from Dynamite is a perfect topper to any outfit, and I really like how the colour plays off the shoes.

This top from H&M was under $10!!

I also tried out olive and bright pink together over the weekend, which I personally loved, but it was met with mixed reviews LOL.  I think olive goes with anything really.  I've seen it done with blush lately, which also looks fresh and new.
Some other unexpected pairings: navy blue and mustard (as accents to an outfit or in a print?) ; grey and leopard (grey sweater with leopard scarf?  I'll def be trying that!); or stripes and plaid (plaid scarf over a striped top or dress?).
Any other pairings you love?  Are you gonna try any of these combos?  Let me know in the comments!

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