Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Planning Outfits... Not a Bad Idea!

I really don't know how it happens.  I wake up super early and have hours to get ready, but somewhere between working out, getting the kids ready and getting myself ready, the time just disappears!  And, as you can imagine, this of course can lead to some hectic mornings! 
But I'm changing my ways!  I've discovered how helpful a little planning can be.  I've always kinda semi-planned my outfits, just mentally thinking of what to wear the next day.  But then the next morning, inevitably, either the weather would mess with what I had chosen, or, more often, the imagined outfit just didn't work in real life, cuz it was either wrinkled (who has time for ironing in the morning?!)  or didn't work on my body the way my brain thought it would!
So now I fully plan my outfits the night before, down to the accessories, and have it all laid out and ready to go for the morning.  And I do the same for my boys (you'd be surprised how picky little boys can be about their outfits!).  This way there are no surprises, and no time wasted choosing something new to wear.
If you struggle with hectic mornings too, try pre-planning your outfits; its amazing how much smoother your mornings can be.  Another bonus: you'll look perfectly put-together :)
Are you a pre-planner?  I'd love to hear :)

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