Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Keeping it Professional!

There is nothing quite like a pencil skirt to make you feel like a BOSS!  (I've always wanted to say that! HA!)
But honestly, when in doubt, you can NOT go wrong with a pencil skirt.  They are endlessly versatile and it gives you a polished, professional look without even trying. 
If you're looking to dress it up, be sure to choose a skirt that has some structure.  You can find some pencil skirts made of a very clingy, very thin material, and those are more informal.  Add a silk blouse or a statement necklace or a killer pair of shoes and you're set! 
Dressing down?  You can go ahead with a less structured skirt, pair it with a crop top or t-shirt (tuck it in) and ballet flats and you're effortlessly ready. 
I'm going right down the middle today with my button down top, and peep-toe pumps, not casual, not too dressy, perfect for the workplace.

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