Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Don't be Afraid of Suede!

Suede hasn't ever really gone anywhere; it's always been around in small doses.  In the past years, you could find it when shopping for shoes or purses.  But now its here in a BIG way.
Not just relegated to shoes and bags anymore, suede is a must-have for your fall wardrobe.  You can choose any which way you want to wear it, there's no shortage of options.  There's flare pants or button down tops, various types of skirts or, my personal fave, the sheath dress.... pretty much everything comes in suede (or imitation suede) these days.  Like this skirt from H&M
Only $34.99!!  I'm picturing it with a black turtleneck and black boots, so 70s!!
Or if you just want a little touch of it, try this shirtdress with a suede belt, also from H&M
Only $19.99!!  Wear it as a dress or over leggings, and finish off with ankle boots!

Go ahead and have fun with it, don't be afraid of suede! 

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