Friday, 18 September 2015

Style Rules, part 2

Earlier this week I did a post on the so-called "style rules" that we've all heard, and can now officially ignore!  Today I wanted to stay on the topic, and talk specifically about the rules surrounding age and size.  There are so many out there:
  • short girls shouldn't wear anything cropped or midi-length
  • women over 40 shouldn't wear bikinis
  • bigger girls shouldn't wear large prints,
to name a few.  But whether its your size or age, I don't think anyone should be exempt from wearing what they want to wear; However, what's important to remember is the message you're trying to send.  If you don't give F*%# what anyone thinks, then you're good to go, wear whatever you want! 
For those to whom it does matter what vibe you're giving off, you just have to make the right choices, so it doesn't look like you're trying too hard. 
As far as size/body shape goes, it's all so subjective.  I mean you can have one girl who thinks her hips look too wide (that's me!), whereas the next girl is wanting ideas on how to create an hourglass shape.  Whatever your thing is, the most important thing is to feel confident.  Wear a big bold print if you want, top it off with a solid colour blazer if it makes you more comfortable.  Or go ahead and wear a midi-length skirt if you're on the shorter side; I do it all the time!  Just add some heels (nude ones work best!) if you're wanting to add the illusion of height.
The "rules" surrounding age hit a little closer to home.  I'm in my 30s (closer to the end than the beginning!), and its obvious to me that there are certain trends that only a certain age group (of which I'm no longer a part of) should be trying (unless of course, you're one of the ones who don't give a F*%#!).  I'm married and a mom of 2 school age boys... Being where I am in my life, and for what I want to accomplish, and for the message I want to portray, I choose to dress a certain way.  For instance, you won't (EVER) find me wearing a t-shirt with Sponge Bob on it!!  And I prefer knee or midi length skirts over mini skirts, but it's not because the "rules" say I shouldn't wear them after 35.  It's because I don't feel the need to wear them;  They don't represent me, so I choose not to wear them.  Same goes for leggings-as-pants;  I get that there's a whole generation out there who sees nothing wrong with this at all, but for me, leggings are like a "base", to be worn as a compliment to a long top/tunic/sweater.  And the whole "no bikini after 40" thing?? Now that's still a few years off for me, but hey if I still want to wear one then, you better believe I still will, buuuttt I think I'd save it for vacations and not the community pool! 
Maybe its a certain level of modesty that creeps in as you age, but I find my style constantly evolving.  Basically what I'm saying is that you shouldn't dress according to some rules that someone made up a hundred years ago, you should dress according to your own rules.

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