Monday, 14 September 2015

Style rules- meant to be broken??

We've all heard the rules :

  • No white after Labour Day
  • Don't mix navy and black
  • Horizontal stripes make you look wider
  • Can't wear denim tops with denim bottoms

What I love about fashion these days, is that these rules (and countless others pertaining to size/height/accessories/shoes) just don't apply anymore.   Feeling confident in what you're wearing is the only rule worth following. 
Wearing white in the winter looks so fresh and fitting.  Ok so maybe not the wide leg linen pants you lived in during the summer; but white jeans layered under a oversized sweater and scarf?  Perfect!
And just because you're not a size 2, you can't wear horizontal stripes?  Not true!  As long as the garment fits you well, it won't "make you look larger".  And if you're still concerned about it, you could always throw on a blazer or longer cardigan, to streamline the look.
Now I have yet to try mixing navy and black, and wearing denim on denim... I've seen it done, and it looks great, but I haven't gone as far as trying it out myself yet.  A navy dress worn with black tights or a navy sweater over black leggings... definitely worth trying!
Everyone has there own personal rules surrounding their style (one of mine is don't wear leggings as pants), and that's totally ok.  As long as you're following your own rules, and not someone else's, you're already winning!!
Check back later this week, when I'll be talking about style rules regarding age and size, and whether they should be broken too!

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