Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pops of Colour in an ocean of Black

With the influx of clothing options and trend choices out there, its easy to get overwhelmed.  Choosing to go with all black can be an easier choice sometimes; plus, wearing black often gives a cooler/edgier/professional vibe.  Add to this, the whole "black is slimming" thing, and it becomes obvious why so many people (me included) have so much black in their closets!

And while black is a great go-to, I've started incorporating pops of colour into my outfits, and I love it.  I'm not one to go too crazy with colour, but I do have some fun pieces in my closet.  And what I tend to do, is pair the item with something black, and that just balances it enough to take the "fear" out of wearing it!

For instance this pink skirt is super bright, and maybe outside of some peoples comfort zones, but worn with a black top and black shoes, it doesn't look over the top.
Dress and Shoes from Target

And this dress is great (love the faux leather accent by the neckline), but with plain black pumps, it could look a little boring.  Instead with my blue pumps, the look is a little more eye-catching.

If you find yourself wanting to incorporate some colour into your wardrobe, its easy enough to start small. Shoes, accessories, purses, you can find it all in some fun colours and prints.
If you're headed out for the night. try adding a clutch in a bright color or pattern to your black skinnies.  For day, how about adding a brightly coloured scarf to your all-black ensemble? 

Have fun with colour!

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