Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Black and Olive...

sounds kinda like a cool restaurant name doesn't it?  To anyone out there opening a new eatery, you're welcome :)
Now on to what the title really means... I'm just loving this colour combo.  Its so perfectly "Fall" and it just gives the classic pencil skirt and blouse look a little something extra, doesn't it?
Blouse from Reitmans; Skirt from Costco (yes, really!)

Olive itself is having a major moment in the spotlight, and has been for awhile now.  In the past its been so under-rated, and I've always thought it deserved to be a neutral, like a basic in your wardrobe.  And it looks like its here to stay!
Pair it with black (of course!) or white, or you could use it as a neutral, and even pair it with a brighter colour say a raspberry pink?  And you can pop olive into your outfit in so many different way.  Tops (like my blouse or a casual T with jeans!) or bottoms (olive cargo skinnies with a white T!) or dresses (like this gorgeous shirt dress from Forever 21 for $29.90!)

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with this super-colour!

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