Saturday, 8 August 2015

Where did you get that?

Its a question I get ALL the time!  And the answer is often surprising.  I'm not one to discriminate when it comes to where I shop because you really have no idea what you can find in the most unexpected places!

I will truly shop just about anywhere; I do shop at the usual suspects (H&M, Forever21), but I also definitely like shopping at places that may not necessarily have a stylish reputation, and I have made some great finds at the most random places.  I have a dress that I'm always complimented on and it was $12 from Walmart!  Now you're not always going to score something great there, but every so often you'll find something that surprises you!

So don't stop yourself from shopping at stores you may not usually go to, sometimes going off the beaten path can result in a great find and a great deal!

I got this patterned dress from TJ Maxx, and it's a big hit!

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