Monday, 24 August 2015

Putting a label on your style... easier said than done??

How would you describe your style?  It's a question I've heard celebs being asked many times, and I often wonder how I would answer that question.  And I really don't think I could answer it in one word... or even 5 words!!
I feel like I have different styles to fit into the different facets of my life.  I go for a casual, functional look when its family time.  I switch to a sophisticated feminine look for work, and when (not often!) its time for a night out, I tend to go a little edgier.

I like mixing different looks, so combining the girly tulle with the chambray shirt works for me!

I like to look a little unexpected; that something different, is what sets us all apart from each other.  We all prefer specific colours or silhouettes, different fabrics and cuts, and that's what makes fashion fun.  If you try to wear what you think you "should" wear just cuz its trendy and everyone else is wearing it, but you're just not feeling it, it'll show.
Almost anything goes these days, and as long as you feel confident and you feel like yourself, then you're probably going to rock that look, so go for it!!

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