Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Its (almost) time to transition!!

I spent the last few days going through my kids' closets to get them back-to-school ready!  After an amazing spring and summer spent in shorts and t-shirts, it was a shock to see that they had outgrown a majority of their jeans and long-sleeved tops! 
I decided to keep it going with my closet too, and began the transition process (Thankfully I haven't outgrown any of my clothes! HA!).  Just like my kids have been living in shorts, I've been doing the same in dresses/rompers/shorts.  During the summer, its so nice not to have to worry about outerwear, and even better to be able to go bare legs!  (A lot of work places even relax their dress codes to allow for bare legs in the office).

But now that the seasons are about to change, it's time to look at how I can wear some of my favorite pieces as the weather gets cooler.  My love affair with dresses doesn't end after summer, not at all!  Tights are my go-to during the fall and winter months.  I tend to stick to basic black as they compliment the majority of my wardrobe.  But I do have varying thicknesses, ranging form sheer to opaque, depending on the look I want to go for. 
Coloured or printed tights are also big these days, and they're great to create a more relaxed, playful look.  Polka dots, stripes, Aztec prints... have fun pairing them with a solid coloured dress or skirt, or even a complimentary pattern.
Layering is another way to transition your summer clothes into fall and winter.  Bringing out the blazers and cardigans and scarves that have gone into hiding the past few months, and putting them to work will help you take your summer wardrobe further.

For instance this dress will be winter-ready with a pair of semi-sheer tights, black or grey ankle boots, and a slouchy blazer!

Just remember, not everything you've been wearing the past few months can be transitioned into fall wear... if it's meant to be beach wear, let it remain beach-wear!

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